For the choux pastry
– 100g of water
– 100g of milk
– 90 g of butter
– 4 g of salt
– 4 g of sugar
– 110 g of t55 flour
– 200g egg

For the pastry cream
– 350 g of milk
– vanilla
– 80 g of egg yolks
– 80 g of sugar
– 35 g cream powder

For the mousseline cream
– custard
– 150 g tempered butter
– 100 g of praline

For mounting
– gilding
– flaked almonds
– praline
– codineige (icing sugar/cornstarch)


For the choux pastry
In a saucepan, heat the water, milk, salt, sugar and butter. When a boil appears, remove from the heat and add the flour all at once; mix immediately and return to the heat for a minute to dry out the dough. Cool down to around 50°C (to be sure that the eggs do not coagulate) and add the eggs one by one while mixing. Once the choux pastry is very smooth, put it in a pocket with a plain tip (size: 12 will do just fine), pipe a first circle 20 cm in diameter, a 2nd inside and a 3rd on top the first 2. Glaze with beaten egg, sprinkle with almonds or pieces of hazelnut and bake at 160°C (or even 170°C depending on the oven) for about 40 minutes of cooking.

For the mousseline cream
Mix yolks, sugar and cornstarch. Add the milk, heat the preparation and cook for another 1 minute after the cream has thickened (mix well throughout this step). Remove from the heat and pour into a container, film in contact (to prevent a crust from forming on the surface of the cream) and reserve in the fridge until completely cooled (fridge temperature). In a bowl, whip the soft butter (semi-salted is better) and add the praline and then the pastry cream (previously returned to room temperature and whipped again to avoid lumps) in 2 batches. Place this cream for 5 minutes in the freezer and go back to the electric beater. This cold passage will firm up your cream and whipping it again will lighten it.

Cut the crown in 2, pipe the cream as in the video, place a thin layer of pure praline, place on top of the hat and sprinkle with icing sugar. Reserve 30 minutes in the fridge and enjoy 🙂

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