Kitchen soup

Short rib onion soup

A couple months ago, I was out with friends and we stopped briefly back at a friend’s place (hi Jocelyn!). It smelled amazing and it turned out she had chicken chili going in the crockpot. Despite not planning to stay, we inhaled a bowl in her yard before heading back out again and I have not stopped thinking about it since, hospitality on a you-never-know level. Stews and hearty soups are already wired with this energy — they keep well, are easily reheated, and if nobody else eats it, you’re happy to have it for yourself. But if it’s already ready, it means you can have impromptu drop-ins, and they are unquestionably the best kind. The table isn’t set, the toys aren’t put away, you’re still in sloppy clothes, and everyone has more fun.


And here’s a new pick for peak December cozy luxury. It merges two of my favorite cold-weather foods, braised short ribs and french onion soup. We had a Hanukah Happy Hour a few weeks ago and along with the usuals — an overflowing tray of latkes and everything good you can put on top of them, endive salad (this, but as boats for handheld suitability), lots of pickles, Manichewitz Sours, and doughnuts (I didn’t make them this time, but you still can) — thinking of that you-never-know chili, I thought it might be nice to have something hearty on the stove in case someone was hungrier.

In the end, everyone stayed long, there wasn’t a scrap of latke or a drop of soup left, and it was one of my favorite drop-ins to date. So, if this soup sounds good to you, I hope you make it and have it at the ready for whatever the second half of December sends your way, be it a Christmas or New Years dinner, a more casual cocktails-and-cookies thing, or just to spoil yourself. I hope it’s wonderful.

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