Easy Apple Turnovers

What is a Turnover?

Turnovers are made by filling pastry dough (usually puff pastry) with a sweet or savory filling, sealing the edges and baking. It becomes a portable dessert (like a hand pie), or a type of baked sandwich with a savory filling. Biting into an apple-filled pastry on the go is a real treat.

Homemade Apple Turnovers

Who doesn’t love an apple turnover hot and fresh from the oven? They remind me of my Grandma who always called them “Apple Upside Downs”.

  • This easy recipe uses fresh apples and just a handful of ingredients.
  • Store-bought puff pastry makes the perfect flaky dessert but keeps the prep super simple. Time and energy-saving!
  • Make individual apple turnovers for a party or picnic and watch them disappear (half the size to make them mini!).
  • Everyone loves a hand-held treat. Perfect for tucking into a lunchbox or briefcase for a sweet surprise!

Can you Freeze Apple Turnovers?

After the pies are fully assembled (before brushing tops with eggwash), freeze them flat on a lined baking sheet then transfer to a freezer-safe Ziploc bag. When ready to bake, arrange them frozen on a baking sheet (do not thaw), brush with some egg wash and bake at 400˚F for 23-25 minutes.
How to Keep Apple Turnover Filling from Leaking?

No matter how well you crimp the edges, there will always be at least one turnover that leaks filling out of the edge and that is normal. A few things that help reduce leaks:

Egg Wash will help keep the dry pastry together
Crimp Tightly all along the edge where the two sheets come together
Refrigerate turnovers for 20 minutes before baking

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