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Creamy and quick rice pudding from my grandmother

The Best Rice for Rice Pudding
This recipe calls for short-grain white rice, but let’s say you don’t have that on hand. In general, the shorter the grain, the higher the starch content…and it’s starch that helps thicken this pudding and make it so creamy. You can use brown rice, but the pudding won’t be as creamy, it will take longer to cook, and you will likely need to add more liquid.

Here’s a list of rice varieties we recommend in this pudding.

Short-grain white rice
Arborio rice
Sushi rice
Sticky rice
Some readers have left comments saying they had success making the recipe with these rice varieties (we’ve not tested them ourselves).

Medium-grain white rice
Regular plain old white rice from the grocery store
Basmati rice
Any kind of brown rice

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