Chocolate covered cherry brownie truffles

Chocolate covered cherries are a classic candy that pairs sweet cherries with creamy chocolate. If you love this sweet treat, then these Chocolate Covered Cherry Brownie Truffles are for you! Maraschino cherries wrapped in a delicious combination of crumbled brownies and chocolate frosting then dipped in milk chocolate for a perfect bite-sized dessert. These are the perfect treat to make and give.
When it comes to holidays and get togethers, I enjoy making bite-sized desserts that are easy to transport and of course, easy to eat.


  • Mixing bowls
  • Measuring cups and spoons
  • 13 x 9 baking pan
  • Stand mixer or hand mixer
  • Bowl for melting chocolate
  • Spoon or fork
  • Parchment paper, wax paper or aluminum foil

How to Store Leftover Brownie Balls?

Keep the brownie balls in an airtight food storage container. They can keep at room temperature for up to three days, or refrigerated for up to five days.

The Chocolate Covered Cherry Brownie Balls can be frozen for up to three months, then thawed before serving.

Can I Make Truffles with Chocolate Fudge Brownies?

When you make these truffles, you will be using chocolate fudge brownies. You will be forming the truffle part of the dessert by making the chocolate fudge brownies into crumbs and then turn it into truffles. Using a brownie mix makes it easier to make the brownies and will save you time. You can certainly make your own brownies if you prefer.

Can I Make the Best Truffles Recipe using Cake?

While using a brownie mix as the base for your truffles creates even more chocolate and richer taste than cake alone. However, if you only have chocolate cake or prefer cake to brownies it can be used. You can also use other flavored cake mixes if you like. While the chocolate and cherries go together perfectly, you can feel free to experiment.

Giving Crown Royal Cherry Brownies Balls as Gifts

Truffles always make a nice gift. Who doesn’t love a chocolate ball of decadence? If you want to make these Cherry Brownies Balls as a gift, you will want to wrap them in a pretty cellophane paper or store them in a decorative box with wax paper. The wax paper protects the brownie balls while preventing the brownies form coming into contact with the box.

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